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PVC Celuka Board Machine

PVC Celuka Board Machine
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Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China pvc celuka board machine manufacturers and suppliers, our professional factory is able to produce best and newest CE certificate pvc celuka board making machine, pvc celuka board extrusion line, pvc celuka board production line, pvc celuka board extruding machine, pvc celuka board manufacturing machine.

Excellent Equipments

1) SJSZ 80/156 Conical twin Screw Extruder
ABB or SIEMEN inverter , Siemens Motor , OMRON Japan Temperature meter
2)Calibration unit
Calibration plate: 1500mm× 600mm 4couples
3) Cooling tank and bracket
Length: 5000-6000mm
Trimming knife: 2 sets
4) Haul-off unit
8 couples Cylinder clamping and loosening
5) Cutting unit
6) Stacker
7) Mould (T-Die)


Advantages of PVC foam board

First of all, this is a completely waterproof material, because it is plastic, it is widely used in the place of the outside balcony, Plank Road, a swimming pool, lake, beach, ship deck and so on. 

Secondly, this is a completely anti-termite, anti-moth-eaten material, because it does not contain fibrin. 

Third, this is a material with a good performance of flame retardant. We have done experiments. This excellent fire retardant property of foam boards foam is much better then wood and wood-plastic materials. 

Fourth, it is one that does not decay, is radiation-free and non-toxic and in line with national testing standards. It is maintenance-free, and the maintenance of pollution can be avoided. 

Fifth, the bending resistance of this material and a surface hardness are higher than that of wood, wood materials. The grip nails is stronger than the wood-plastic which is flat with wood. 

Sixth, price levels of this material in the current market has the promotion conditions, it is definitely cheap and fine.

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